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PHP 7.4.0 alpha1 released

- PHP 7.4

After months of preparation, the PHP core team juste release two days ago the first official alpha of PHP 7.4.0.

Want to try PHP with Foreign Function Interface (FFI) ?

- PHP 7.4

The Foreign Function Interface (or FFI), allow PHP to call C functions and using C data types directly from the language. It’s seems that you don’t have to write a PHP extension in C, you can do it directly in your PHP code. PHP FFI is available as a core extension and it’s not enabled by default.

Welcome to phpdaily blog


The aim of phpdaily project is to provide a simple way to test the future features of the PHP language. To achieve this goal, I’ve created some Docker images for all current development branches (from PHP 7.1, which only have a security support, to 8.0). Beyond that, I want to have a workspace to share article which describe, explain and demonstrate some newer features. So this is why I decided to create this blog.

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